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The story of illegal immigrant

Rabia who migrates to Canada and a nine-year-old mentally stressed child Olivia. When both come solace for each other until Rabia makes mistake to be arrested. The search begins of Olivia for Rabia and the dramatic situations follow with twists and turns. The film is shot in Canada And India.

The story revolves around a 24-year-old Indian Muslim girl Rabiya who has migrated to Canada illegally, and seeks refugee status who, at a very young age, became a victim and lost her father in Communal riots in India.

On the other side, we see 9-year-old Olivia, a Canadian girl child, who lost her mother few years back and is now living with her father Mark in Canada. Olivia is suffering from a night terror attacks disorder due to which she wakes up in the night and starts crying uncontrollably. Due to this problem, she has been constantly put on sedatives by her doctor. 

As a result, she remains in a very aggressive and agitated mood during the daytime which is the main reason for most of her caretakers (nannies) have left their jobs as they were unable the pressure of handling her. In this scenario, in a desperate need for employment, Rabiya takes up the job of being Olivia’s caretaker. 

From here on, we see the journey of the bond developing between Rabiya and Olivia. Rabiya’s participation in Olivia’s life gradually proves to be miraculous as under Rabiya’s care, Olivia’s condition shows remarkable improvements and she starts becoming a much peaceful, happy and bright child. And inadvertently, the caretaker-patient equation transforms into a mother-child equation with great love and affection between the two.

Until, due to a shattering turn of events, Rabiya gets arrested in child negligence case files by Olivia’s father and Rabiya gets arrested. Olivia’s condition deteriorates to a level much worse than ever before.

Finally, she has to be hospitalized. As Olivia’s health falls to the lowest point, shaken up by her pathetic plight, Rabiya’s friends Ishaan and Nasir embark upon a highly challenging mission. They start a campaign of appeal to the Canadians and others for the justice to Rabiya. 

The intensity and fire in their efforts is so overwhelming that gradually more and more people, join them in support of their noble mission. Ultimately, on the grounds of humanity, media, politicians and common people come together in the form of a humanity. 

Will Olivia and Rabiya meet again once again and be able to receive motherly love from Rabiya?
The answer lies in the highly inspiring climax of this soul-stirring film ‘RABIYA AND OLIVIA’


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